Core Conditioning

Whether a recreational or competitive runner, core strength is essential for making us more efficient, more stable and most importantly less prone to injury.

From the muscles surrounding your hips & trunk, to your back & bum, your neck & shoulders and your stomach – active core muscles enable correct alignment and posture, make for a stable foundation for transfer and generation of force and create a cushion for protection as the body “absorbs” force as well. For runners it’s very important to ensure that the body safely absorbs the forces we put it through it with each strike of the ground.

Running is essentially a single-legged balancing act and when running on unstable terrains like forest paths, the canal and through fields it also helps to ensure our core muscles are working correctly.

At Run Macclesfield we want nothing more than your running experience with us to be a long, happy and most importantly pain free one!

As part of the Run Macclesfield membership we have partnered up with Macclesfield Performance and now offer Core Conditioning to all of our runners.

Pay as you go for £4 per session or join as a member – its totally up to you!

THURSDAYS at 19.00 – 19.30 at Macclesfield Performance.

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